Hey everyone, I’m Amira! coexist_interfaithI’m was born and raised here in Stone Mountain, Georgia, but I am a woman on a global mission: helping others. As a “triple minority” (African American, Muslim, Woman), I’ve come to understand the plight of the “under dog” hands- on. Having a deeper level understanding of these issues has allowed me to better mobilize my community towards creating positive change. I believe that everything I have ever accomplished has been through a constant desire to serve my community. From second grade onward, I knew I was going pursue a career in law, because it is the only career where I can create the kind of change my community needs. It is because of this that I chose Agnes Scott, a college where I can not only flourish academically, but continue to serve and lead others on the global scale. I plan to further serve others in the future by establishing a firm that provides affordable legal help. It is In my community, I strive to create/ support programs that promote healthy lifestyles for our youth. It is my firm belief that we can change how people think about their health if we focus on educating our young people.


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